Eindhoven Erva (12) reads poem Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day (‘dodenherdenking’) on May four is always a special day. This year is extra special for the 12-year-old Erva Altun from Eindhoven. She has been reading a poem during the memorial service last night.

Erva is attending the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum in Eindhoven and together with high school student Marguerite de Bie she wrote the poem. The theme is: Who is keeping their eyes shut for the past is blind to the future.’The Second World War is one of the most terrible disasters of the past and that we should never forget,’ says Erva.

Erva was a bit nervous to stand in front of so many people and the Mayor, but she enjoyed it.

She likes to write in her spare time and also makes articles for the school blog. Yet she doesn’t think that she will be a professional writer. ‘Writing is a big hobby of mine, but my plan is to study medicine.’

Source: Studio040

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