Felled trees on Aalsterweg to be replaced

At the grounds of the Brabant Water Company on the Aalsterweg, many trees were felled. These have now been compensated for. The green watch organization “Trefpunt Groen” reported on their website.

The trees had to make room on the property for the construction of the HOV-line. But not all the trees needed to be felled. The plan was to leave large and old chestnut and maple trees alone, however, that has not happened.

That the trees have been felled is the responsibility of the municipality, says the foundation. There was a verbal agreement to leave the trees alone, but no mention of it is made in the official advice from the municipality.

According to Trefpunt Groen it is a problem the trees are gone now. They were a landmark for bats. The municipality will now ask Brabant Water to plant some large trees on their premises. The plan is to plant at least 36 new trees by October to compensate for this.

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