25,0000 reward for golden tip Panamera burglary

The Panamera Group in Eindhoven is rewarding 25,000 euros for the golden tip which allows for the arrest of the thieves who committed the burglary a month ago.

The store sells bullet-proof clothing at Willemstraat. Three weeks after the opening, the shop was looted. At the moment the store has almost recovered. ‘We are waiting for the latest stuff. It takes a long time to replenish everything. In a week, a week and a half I hope to have the store refilled completely’, says owner Yavuz Yilmaz.

The owner himself chose to offer a reward, this has nothing to do with the police investigation. ‘I never said that there is no progress in the case. It is purely to with the principle, we want our stuff back.’

Yavuz is not at ease, ‘you’ll always be afraid for the next burglary, but I can say that we have taken the highest practicable measures,’ he says.

Source: Studio040

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