Focus on unemployment in the region

The municipality will take additional measures to reduce the number of people supported by the welfare system and unemployed disabled people.

This year 1650 unemployed people in Eindhoven should be enabled to find work. This is more than the numbers in the past.

The group that has been slow to find jobs is diverse. It includes the elderly, poorly educated young people, young disabled people, long-term unemployed and groups of migrants amongst others. Councillor Depla wants to introduce a package of measures to aid these groups to find employment again.

There are existing grants for the elderly and young people to give them a helping hand, such as the master scholarship and internship scholarship. But there are other initiatives in the pipeline.

Currently, the municipality is working with the UWV (employment agency) and social workplaces to establish a regional business company. Alongside there are job coaches, wage subsidies for employers and a work bonus for employees.

According to Councillor Depla the region is economically moving forward. This drive, he thinks, should aid the 1650 unemployed to find opportunities. In the next four years, the municipality wants to halve the number of unemployed.

Source: Studio040

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