Eindhoven to be center point for international railways

Eindhoven has to be the hub for international railways as well the focus of improved links between the Netherlands and Germany. It is to be the ‘link’ in which the German Ruhr region will connect with the Randstad.

According to the study of "Moreelse Tafel" this is the vision for 2050. This is a group of transport specialists working on the future of the railways. According to them, the rail connection to Germany is currently inadequate. There are no direct intercity trains currently and the wait times and journey times are too long.

Eindhoven must be the center point according to the study as it is located centrally in a powerful economic region. It lies at the centre of the area between the Randstad, the Flemish Window and the German Rhein-Ruhr.

However, the plans are still in the future. The vision will be presented in the summer but envisage changes before the year 2050. This is mainly because there is already a different project running currently to improve links, the ‘Program for High Frequency Rail Transport’. That program is aimed at domestic intercity trains and runs till 2035.

Source: Studio040

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