CDA: no paid parking at electric car charging stations

Paying for parking and at the same time paying for charging an electric car, not such a good idea, the CDA (Cristian democrats) thinks. But Eindhoven governance is not going to change anything. This was stated by Alderman Visscher, who deals with electric driving.

CDA questioned the matter, because to them electric driving should be encouraged. If you have to pay to park, in addition to recharging your car, certainly this will not help, says the party.

Electric driving is taking a huge flight currently, writes the Alderman, but installing charging infrastructure is still in its infancy, she admits.

There are charging poles put down at places where there is an expected need. In the example cited by the CDA, this is at the airport road, on the Flight Forum. Moving the pole to a place where you don’t have to pay for parking, is not possible. The whole area is paid parking.

For the time being, the municipality uses the rule that charging infrastructure for electric cars should be as far as possible on site, at individual or company property. So the parking pressure in public space is increased as little as possible, and minimizing the amount of ‘objects’ in public spaces. And it is also a lot cheaper.

Source: Studio040

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