Food Bank reports wrongful collections in their name

The Food Bank (‘Voedselbank’) in Eindhoven has sounded the alarm: they have received information that their name was being misused and money was collected wrongfully. Apparently some money was raised for charity but the Food Bank says it had absolutely nothing to do with the fundraiser.

Willemien Verest of the Food Bank believes that different kinds of fraud happened. Some people would go door to door to collect money. Many people were also contacted by telephone to ask if they needed a maid. The money that was paid would supposedly go to the Food Bank. She said: "We were called and emailed by different people asking if we have anything to do with such activities, but that is absolutely not the case."

She emphasized that the Food Bank has not set up these campaigns and asked people not to cooperate. The Food Bank in Eindhoven also plans to report this to the police.

Source: Studio040

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