‘DAF Trucks faces order problems due to Russian Ruble’

According to the news website NU.nl, DAF Trucks plan to modify the delivery schedule of 700 trucks to the Russian company, Monopoly. The plan entails spreading the delivery schedule over a longer period of time.

Reason for this change is the devaluation of the Russian Ruble against the Euro. Due to the devaluation, the Russian transport company will have to pay 40 to 50 percent more than the amount stated when the order was placed.

DAF Trucks has a vested interest in the Ruble’s value increasing again, since the current economic situation in Russia has resulted in a decline of truck orders. Furthermore, as of 1 January, the DAF Trucks manufacturing was reduced from 164 trucks per day to 140 trucks per day.

As soon as the Ruble’s value will increase, trucks will become again cheaper, thus once again attractive for Russian clients.
The Russian economic problems stem from the decrease of oil prices and from the international sanctions imposed on Russia due to their meddling in the Ukraine. DAF Trucks is still doing business with Russia; however, all orders are subject to 100 percent payment in advance.

Source: Studio040

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