Solution to rat infestation in Acht

Acht’s town council has, together with the City of Eindhoven and the Kenniscentrum Dierplagen (Dutch institute of Pest Expertise), come up with a solution to the rat infestation. An action plan has been drawn up that should prevent the neighbourhood from experiencing another rat infestation in 2015.

Last July, there was a huge rat infestation in Acht. It has been decided that, early next year, the inhabitants will be informed about the prevention of a rat infestation. Then, in March, possible sources for rat infestation will be searched. If, despite these measures, a rat infestation occurs again, the Kenniscentrum Dierenplagen will be mobilized.

The town council is happy with the solution. At first, they had contacted the Municipality, but they said that a rat infestation is not their responsibility. Acht’s town council was disappointed with the reply, because rat control is expensive and it would cost local residents a lot of money.

Source: Studio040

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