‘Nuisance Stationsweg caused by coaches’

Residents living near the Stationsweg experience idling coaches as a nuisance. The GroenLinks party questioned the City Council about it yesterday.

Many coaches depart from the bus stop in front of the former post office for various European destinations. According to GroenLinks, idling coaches usually are parked there for quite a long time. Boarding and unboarding coaches also causes nuisance to the local residents.

Idling coaches conflict with the city’s effort to improve the air quality downtown, GroenLinks states. The party received many complaints from local residents and they think that the number of complaints will increase even more when the Lichthoven area (including the Student Hotel) will be finished, bringing many new people into the area.

GroenLinks suggests that the Fellenoord bus station, on the other side of the station, could be reorganized in order to make room for the coaches. In the meantime, coaches might stop, without running engines, at the Effenaar, a few block away.

Source: Studio040

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