Latino market big success

Today’s Latino Market at the Uitwijk community centre in Woensel was very well visited. The market was organised by the CLO (Centro Latinoamericano de Orientacion) from Eindhoven.

It was the sixth year the foundation organized this event. The purpose of the market is integration. By showing the local people of Eindhoven and region different aspects of the Latino culture, they hope that communication and understanding will increase, as commented by Cecilia Piccinini, the treasurer of the CLO.

The estimated amount of visitors lies between 350 and 400. The CLO is delighted with this turnout.

Starting from 11 in the morning many people from the neighbourhood entered the hall as well as people from outside Eindhoven. They saw stalls with goods in vivid colours from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia, just to name a few.

From Panama hats, scarfs from wool, cotton and silk, colourfully embroidered and leather bags, crafted dolls, corrective underwear to creatively home-made nespresso jewelry. All presented by enthusiastic Latino vendors who could tell you all about it.

In the food corner you could find delicious and authentic Cuban, Mexican and Colombian food made by cooks willing to share their recipes.

There was a busy and lively atmosphere. A Latino lady singing a capella, people dancing to the tunes of the salsa rhythms. People from many countries mingling, chatting and enjoying the intercultural ambiance while the kids were entertained and playing along in the kids room.

For more CLO activities have a look at their website.

Irene Martens

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