GL party: Odour nuisance by coaches Stationsweg

The idling of coaches on the Stationsweg in Eindhoven needs to be stopped. This is what the Green Left (GroenLinks) party thinks.

Inhabitants of the Stationsweg would experience a great deal of odour and noise nuisance by the coaches. These would regularly stop right under the balconies, allowing the exhaust fumes to enter the apartments.

The green party is therefore calling the Eindhoven council for measures. The coalition party is proposing to prohibit the drivers to idle in their coaches. Also the boarding area of the coaches should be relocated to the Effenaar by this year. According to GroenLinks there will be no more nuisance to the inhabitants by then.

In the long term the party wants the boarding area for international coach lines to be relocated at the other end of the train station.

Source: Studio040

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