Eindhoven Airport expansion to go ahead

Royal Marshals (Marechaussee) Airport arrest Greek suspect for drug smuggling

Eindhoven Airport is set to further expand. Until November next year, 10,000 extra flights will be allowed to operate from there. If that all goes well and it turns out that enough measures have been taken to minimise the noise pollution, then a further 15,000 flights will be allowed until 2020.

This is the result of a decision made by the Infrastructure Secretary of State, Mansveld and Defence Minister Hennis-Plasschaert.

The growth of Eindhoven Airport is intended to relieve Schiphol airport somewhat. By taking over some flights, Schiphol will be able to focus more on intercontinental flights and transfers, The airport in Lelystad may also be expanded for the same reason.

Increasing the number of flights at Eindhoven Airport still says nothing about how many flights will land there between the hours of 23.00 hours and midnight. Many local residents are rather concerned about this. However, the number of flights has yet to be established.

Source: Studio040

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