City Council concerned about the Muziekgebouw

The Eindhoven City Council are rather concerned about the Muziekgebouw. On Tuesday evening, a closed meeting was held to discuss how to proceed, as it seems the building is crippled with a number of short-comings, amounting to five hundred thousand euros last year and this year it looks like it’s going to run to six hundred thousand!

It is a systemic issue. Does this mean there should also be constant funding given, is the question now. And should the Eindhoven City Council have to foot the bills?

The City Council and the Muziekgebouw are tied together by means of a lease contract. The Council rents out the building in which the Muziekgebouw is situated, and collects the rent accordingly. The contract is for a forty-year-term, and has 18 years yet to run. So, the Council is stuck with the building for the foreseeable future.

The Commission is still in talks with the Province, to see if they can provide some financial support.

Source: Studio040

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