Historical Tour Nuenen to commemorate 70 years of liberation

On Friday 19 September the liberation of Nuenen, 70 years ago this year, will be commemorated in a special way by organizing a historical tour.

After a church service at 18:00 there is going to be a commemorative meeting at the site of the war memorial. Around 19:30 the commemoration will be continued in the park, after which there will be a historical tour of Nuenen in War Wheels’ genuine ancient military vehicles.

The route starts opposite the church and was created in collaboration with Edwin Popkens, Geert-Jan van Glabbeek and Foppe de Lang.

Later there will also be a musical spectacle in and around the park in Nuenen, organized by the ‘Nuenense Muziek Verenigingen’ (Nuenen Music Associations) and ‘Stichting Park Horeca’ (Park Catering Foundation).

Sources: Studio040 and www.vvvnuenen.nl/go/bevrijding-nuenen-2014

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