Colourful Lego blocks in Kruidenbuurt

From raw and undeveloped land into a playground for children. Yesterday a transformation was completed at the Kruidenbuurt.

Eighty gray concrete blocks were painted to make them look like Lego pieces.

The site was not maintained for a long time. The intention was that Trudo, the housing corporation, would build on the land, but with the recent crisis there were no funds to develop it, and postponed building on it.

Trudo together with its residents and de Stichting Buurtbeheer Kruidenbuurt (area maintenance foundation) came up with the solution to build colourful blocks from concrete.

There is now a park landscaped with paths, benches and a dog area. For the children there is a cycling course, play area and a maze.

Whether the children in the Kruidenbuurt neighbourhood will get another playground from Trudo as soon as construction will commence has not yet been made clear.

Source: Studio040

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