VRE contamination at the MMC Veldhoven continues

MMC will launch platform for startups in healthcare

The Maxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven is still facing problems with VRE bacteria. This is reported by Omroep Brabant. New patients continue to be infected by this bacteria.

Last year the bacteria occurred in the hospital. In that period initially various departments were closed to cope with the bacteria. The University Medical Centre in Utrecht was called in to help force back the bacteria.

The VRE bacteria is not particularly dangerous. It comes naturally in the stomach and intestines and is not harmful to healthy people. However, for people with reduced resistance it can cause an infection.

A representative of the hospital stated to Omroep Brabant that it isn’t out of the ordinary that the hospital is still fighting the VRE bacteria: it could take from 12 to eighteen months to deal with the VRE-bacteria.

Source: Studio040

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