Historical bus runs on ‘Monumentendag’

‘Open Monumentendag’ (Heritage Day) is designed to bring people into contact with and encourage interest in and understanding of Dutch historical monuments and the need for their preservation. During ‘Open Monumentendag’ – every second weekend of September – thousands of historical buildings and sites (about 4,000) are open to the public free of charge.

This year’s theme is ‘On the road’. In Eindhoven a historical bus will be running and it is going to pass by special points of interest in the city. A guide on the bus will give information about the way residents of Eindhoven used to travel.

As the theme coincides with the Year of Mobility and Mobile Heritage, the DAF museum will also participate. Visitors to the museum will only have to pay half of the normal entrance fee and there are free guided tours. There are also guided tours on the site of former car company Van der Meulen-Ansems.

Furthermore, Strijp-S is offering lots of activities on Sunday 14 September.

Source: Studio040

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