Philips innovation: Super X-Ray for the brain

Yesterday, Philips presented a new x-ray system aimed at granting a better image of the small blood vessels in the brain. Furthermore, the smaller medical instruments that are used can be seen better via this system.

The new x-ray system can be deployed at neurological procedures, such as in the brain. The system can also be used at neck and spine procedures. The treatment is non-invasive; in other words, a small catheter is inserted via the blood vessels to the area in need of treatment. The advantage of this system is that the very small medical instruments as well as the small blood vessels are more visible now.

The new Philips system enables the physician to have a better image; thereby the patient’s safety is increased and the physician can evaluate the treatment better.

The new system is named NeuroSuite. The Swedish Karolinska Hospital will be the first hospital in the world to start using this system.

Source: Studio040

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