TU/e Soccer Robots off to Portugal

Yesterday, the TU/e soccer robots left for Portugal where they are going to play the Portugal Open. It is the first soccer robot game since the lost RoboCup final last year.

The robots have been undergoing a number of adjustments. The robots are now holding the ball tighter and can accomplish more accurate lobs. They are also able to think further ahead, so that they can make better decisions.

The Portugal Open is a first trial of strength with potential competitors before the World Cup that is planned in two months. TU/e’s team captain Robin Soetens calls it a ‘training camp’.

He is especially looking forward to the game against the University of Aveiro. "At last year’s World Cup, they had finished their robots only a couple of weeks before the start of the Cup. They were already very strong then, even though the robots experienced some teething troubles. I am curious to see if they have solved them and how they will perform now."

Soetens is confident in the robots’ performances, even though they will probably need some minor adjustments again after the Portugal Open.

The RoboCup, the robot soccer World Championships, is going to be held in Brazil from 21 to 24 July this year.

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