CNV: culture of fear among civil servants

CNV Union has informed mayor and aldermen in a letter that they believe a culture of fear dominates among Eindhoven’s civil servants.

The municipality is in the middle of a reorganisation. According to CNV, senior staff is afraid to give constructive critisism to management, because they are afraid of losing their job.
Even regular employees seem fearful. Many of the employees love to work for Eindhoven, but not under the current municipal organization, according to CNV.

CNV says that the municipality is also impended to miss out on millions of euros because of the reorganisation. 400 jobs are being cancelled, but the redundant employees have not received proper training or counselling. This could mean that the municipality would have to pay their fired employees large amounts for compensation.

In total, the municipality will cancel about a quarter of its workforce.

Source: Studio040

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