Wilfred and Emmy

If there ever where two people Brabant can be proud of it’s these two.

Emmy Jansen (Helmond, 1963) and her husband Willfred de Ligny (Eindhoven, 1960) dedicated their lives to helping people and keeping them healthy in body and mind.

"It is hard to become successful but even harder to stay on top.
The only way to succeed is a healthy balance between body and mind.
Stress through everyday performance, high paced living and the constant pressure having to delive" says Willfred. "I can make it easier for you."

After a course in Tai Chi, NLP and Tactiel Stimulatie (registered trademark), they found The Fountain of Youth. Really! Without pain lots of gain.
No needles, no botulism and amazing results.

There’s a new guy in town. And he is going to make you beautiful!
Easy, easy, I know you want their number but hang on.

Willfed de Ligny is a proud Brabander; some of you may remember him as the fun sail instructor who for 17 years helped Pastor Holtus teaching kids how to sail.
Pastor Holtus from the Catholic St. Anthonius church in Tongelre took 25 children, whose parents couldn’t afford a vacation, to Loosdrecht every year. One week the boys and the other week the girls. Those weeks where memorable to all involved. Pastor Holtus and the kids with instructors went in boats and rowed (yes, from Eindhoven) to Loosdrecht since 1945. After the war the owner Jan van Hasselt gave the island to the Pastor out of respect. Now it is called Holtus Island.

Willfred: "I have learned how to deal with authority in a positive manner, to be honest and sincere. Motivate and activate the children. Experiences I still use to this day."

‘Slachtofferhulp Eindhoven’ (victim support) could count on him for 10 years. But Willfred wanted a more hands-on approximation, really get in touch with people who are at a crossroad in their lives.

Emmy Jansen is a registered nurse who didn’t go into management but kept working with people. She became an expert in helping children and adults with autism working at ‘Stichting ORO’ (a foundation for mentally disabled people), Deurne for more than 30 years. Trained in Sweden as a Tactiel Stimulering (registered trademark) professional she took a class in chair massage and Willfred gave those lessons! They looked each other in the eyes and Bammm! Love at first sight.

She left Venray and came to Eindhoven to be with her love.
Together they founded School of Touch. For years a well-known address among the happy ones who are lucky enough to be a client.

Recently Emmy and Willfred embarked on a new adventure. With the Fountain of Youth. In their beloved Brabant!


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