Strijp T: biomass central and creative industry

The old Philips terrain Strijp T will receive a biomass central. The central makes it possible to generate sustainable energy.

This is what aldermen Helms and Depla announced yesterday.

There will also be room for creative entrepreneurs, like those who already have a place on Strijp S. One of them most likely will be design office Van Berlo. Companies which are already situated there, are guaranteed a stay there.

The area development of Strijp T is one of the items the city had on their list and this interpretation also helps to realize some other focal points of the city: it provides employment and the biomass central contributes to the intention of the city to become climate neutral. The central can provide heating to 4500 households.

The city invests ten million euro in the development of Strijp T. But the aldermen expect to earn back at least the same amount.

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