Intercity Eindhoven – Cologne a step closer

It seems that an intercity train between Eindhoven and Cologne is one step closer to becoming reality.

Transportation company Arriva will be investigating if such a connection is feasible. The Secretary of State Mansveld of Infrastructure unveiled this yesterday.

The connection seems logical, since Germany is the most important trading partner of the Netherlands but the train connection is also in the interest of the Brainport region.

The purpose is fast and reliable transportation between cities which are occupied by important knowledge institutions including Cologne, Maastricht, Aken and Eindhoven.

Aken, for example, is host to the biggest University of Technology in Europe. It should be made easy for students and young researchers to cross the borders to visit their colleagues abroad.

There is already a plan for a train connection between Maastricht, Heerlen and Aken, but this is to be extended on the German side in the direction of Cologne and on the Dutch side in the direction of Eindhoven.

It is not clear when Arriva will have determined the feasibility of the train connection.

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