3D Printing Electronics Conference in Eindhoven

First global 3D Printing Electronics Conference will take place at Seats2Meet during the MakerDays from 26 to 30 March in Eindhoven.

Companies and organizations from Science, Design, Technology & Business will give presentations in 3D printing electronics. Participants can meet new potential partners and get inspired by speakers from Universities, Research Institutes and established companies as well as promising startups.

Electronic devices 3D can be printed rather than assembled. Initially 3D printing was used to make limited-functionality models and prototypes, before embarking upon the expensive business of fabricating tooling to produce a final product.
In recent years however, there has been a move to adopt the technology as full-scale manufacturing solution. The advent of low-cost, desktop 3D printers has meant a wider user base which are now able to have access to desktop manufacturing platforms enabling them to produce highly customised products for personal use and sale.

Designers and engineers are looking for more complex and high tech products. Combining functional elements such as electronics into a 3D printed product could open up new markets and new applications of products.
For further information about the 3D Printing Electronics Conference, visit the website.

Source: www.3DPrintingElectronicsConference.com

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