Adjoining communes want adjustment firework regulations

Eindhoven’s neighbouring municipalities want firework regulations to be changed, an NOS survey shows.

Nationwide, 80 percent of the municipalities want change. This also goes for the Eindhoven area. The city of Eindhoven did not respond.

The towns of Son en Breugel, Oirschot, Nuenen and Heeze-Leende would like to set up firework-free zones within their municipalities, around retirement homes for instance. Best and Veldhoven would rather limit the hours for fireworks from 18:00 Hrs to 02:00 Hrs. Best would also like to organize a fireworks display at a central location in town.

The communes also want a ban on heavy fireworks. Son en Breugel and Heeze-Leende take it even further by pleading a complete ban on fireworks.

The adjoining communes’ damage due to last New Year’s Eve varied between 5,000 and 15,000 Euros.

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