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Negotiating is about how to reach an agreement, obtain what you want and at the same time show respect for your negotiating partner.

If you are integrative negotiator then your negotiation is interest-based and the aim is to achieve mutual gains. You need to be aware the other party’s underlying interests and expected outcome.

Preparation, research and planning are the first steps for negotiating in an effective manner.

Here are some simple tips based on logic and reasoning:
– Emotions
Your emotions can work for or against you.
Sending out the right emotional signal can prompt the person making the offer to make adjustments without your having to make a counter-offer, this is a manipulative tactic but at some point and in some contexts, it can be relevant.
Too much emotion, on the other hand, can work against you. If you let your emotions guide your negotiation, you could easily accept a bad deal or throw away a good one.

– Patience
Theoretically: no negotiation should ever be rushed and specifically when stakes are high.
If you are not sure about your position and interests, save your words and decision for later.
To walk away from the negotiation process can give you an edge.

– Use communication wisely
No interruption gives the other party the time to reveal info/to make a full offer, etc.
No full disclosure unless the other party does the same.
Use silence to process the info you heard and for other obvious reasons.

Veronika Beaussant
I.N.A (Integrative Negotiation Approach)

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