Reflection on the threshold of moving out

Book your ticket now, make your choice a.s.a.p., don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance!’

Pushing announcements like these bounce back to us from all sides. Invitations to speed up your decisions, your experiences, your life. Surely, it’s appealing to follow the flux and not miss any interesting event. But it withholds you also from contemplating about life.

Recently, I fell into a break in the midst of my daily hectics. Reason is my moving out of the Hoogstraat, where our Indigo-World office was embedded in the ‘Zusters van Liefde’ (sisters of love) convent. So it happens on a quiet Sunday afternoon, that I found myself amidst a pile of empty banana boxes.
Nothing had been removed yet, but the place didn’t seem to be mine anymore. I could sense familiar noises and voices though. Enriching talks, meetings and challenges in this warm nest. Singing, dancing, drawing, dreaming. An inspiring exchange of a broad variety of cultures. And of food of course. Spicy in more than one sense. Fruitful blooming and blossoming from hearts and souls of the ones who connected with Indigo-Wereld. If the walls could talk ..

Thoughtlessly, I took some books and started to fill boxes, emptying cupboards. Couldn’t stop dreaming about the past years.
In here, people shared plans, passions and powers. Dutch, multiculturals, internationals. From all ages and professional backgrounds. Every article in my hands brought back memories. Every item carried its own story. Some objects aroused a smile, others a lump in my throat. This place had given support to many participants, partners, freelancers, visitors and interns to grow. Myself included. Here we shared life changing dreams, desires and decisions. It made me wonder and ponder.

The space is empty now. My departure marks the end of this just over three-year period in which I gradually found anchoring for my projects outside this hotspot. My time here has been valuable and worthwhile. Contradictory, it gave support for growing out of it and spread the wings even more to keep ‘connecting worlds of difference’ .. the motto of Indigo-Wereld.

Now, I have left. With a grateful heart. Looking forward to the future. Many thanks to the Sisters of Love, my other Kloosterhof neighbours and all the people around me who have been (and/or still are) part of the Indigo-Wereld community.

Time to fly the sky and meet you somewhere sometime again .. ‘coz Indigo-Wereld will still be around!

Carola Eijsenring, Indigo-Wereld

Carola writes for Eindhoven News on a montly basis, she writes about things happening in her life, subjects that touch the multicultural world of Eindhoven.

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