ECN expands material testing activities to Campus

ECN moves closer to its customers and expands its material testing activities to the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

The high-tech manufacturing industry in this region performs a lot of research and development (R&D) activities for new products and processes. Companies push the limits of what current materials can bear. With the expansion of material testing activities in Eindhoven, ECN seeks to better assist the companies in their R&D activities. ECN offers the same possibilities in Eindhoven as in its main location in Petten, but is now closer to its customers in the Eindhoven region.

ECN deploys the facilities for failure analysis, corrosion, materials analyses, joining techniques and process optimisation. This helps companies to prevent failure of plants and installations. For instance, corrosion can be accelerated to predict corrosion behaviour and rate in (new) products and processes in under a week’s time.

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