Survey on tunnel underneath the Dommel valley

There will be a survey on a drilled tunnel underneath the Dommel valley, instead of a bridge across the nature reserve. The regional municipalities are advising this in the context of a highway ‘diamond’ around Eindhoven. The province of North-Brabant is looking into the option.

According to the regional municipalities, Dommel valley’s nature at Son would be damaged too much, if there should be a bridge. That’s why they believe the option of a tunnel should be looked at as well. It will cost more, but will damage less.

For now, the plan to build a road diamond around Eindhoven is still in place. National and provincial government want that diamond to be built. Therefore, it is necessary to construct two new highways on the north and east side of Eindhoven.

In total, these new highways will cost about 865 million euros. The vast majority of this amount will paid by national and provincial government. Eindhoven would contribute a little less than seven million euros.

According to provincial representative Mr. Van Heugten, a tunnel does not fit the budget of 865 million euros. They would still have to find a solution for that problem.

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