Miss America

I’m missing[nbsp] America and thought I would share some of the things I miss plus the replacement if there is any in Holland. Remember I’m a newbie who’s still searching.

  1. 7-Eleven: Don’t ask me why this is number 1. It’s just on my mind right now. I need a Slurpee! Ok, I’ve only had about 10 Slurpee’s in my life but I would like the choice. And I would like the convenience of being able to go to 7-Eleven if I run out of milk at 23:00. Everyone knows that 7-Eleven is open 24 hours a day in most places. Thus arriving at 11 is perfectly fine. (Replacement: Get my act together by 17:00 before the stores close). Some markets stay open till 19.00 or 20.00 giving me a chance to remember.
  2. Starbucks: I miss the convenience of a drive-through coffee shop and also the relaxed atmosphere of the couches and everyone gathering to sit and mingle or just relax while browsing the web. (Replacement: No, not THOSE Coffee Shops! Douwe Egberts. Love this coffee; love our little coffee shop where we can meet. Maybe a few more couches and I’d be all set. Oh and a drive through would be nice).
  3. Nordstrom’s: Not only do I miss the fashion and the beauty of this store, I miss their customer service. I love the fact that you can ask someone in the Men’s department about sunglasses and they will smile and walk you to the correct department. (Replacement: De Bijenkorf.[nbsp] This store is nice but not Nordstrom’s).
  4. Hamburgers: JC Burger House or any other normal place that sells hamburgers. (Replacement: None found, still searching… abort mission… game over! ).
  5. Home Depot: Where can you buy a 300$ lawn mower? (Replacement: The Planet Store, Praxis, Groenen. Lawn mower 600 Euros for a gas version or less if you use the Tonka Truck[nbsp] looking one with an electrical cord and a 12” deck) Note: No I don’t cut the grass.
  6. St. Jude: A beautiful community of friends that have gathered together for years worshiping God. (Replacement: Notre Dame… Nuff said!). The Vatican is on my bucket list.
  7. The sun! (Replacement: beautiful garden with view of the lake, thanks to the rain).
  8. Lovejoy Independent School District with its incredible education and community spirit. (Replacement: DP program, field trips to Barcelona, sailing camp and other unique opportunities).
  9. My dryer: I need a dryer that doesn’t take 2 hours to dry a load of clothes or someone who can help me with the settings. (Replacement: one of those handy dandy outdoor drying racks. I’ll buy one if it stops raining long enough to go to the store).
  10. American radio. (Replacement: I Heart Radio! Yes I tune into the Detroit and Dallas stations daily).
  11. American TV: I need a larger variety of English speaking channels. I would like more of a choice than CNN and Law and Order.[nbsp] (Replacement: Slingbox! I may have to kick someone off of it occasionally but it’s always ready with my shows already taped for me).
  12. Nail Salons! I miss my nail salon in Allen, where I can get a glass of wine while I get my nails done.[nbsp] (Replacement: Did I mention the razor technique in Budapest?! Somehow, just not the same effect.)
  13. Recycling: I loved the convenience of being able to just throw my recycling stuff into the big bin outside that collected all of it in one bin and came and took it away from my curb. (Replacement: Me going through my trash trying to separate the stuff. Plastic, paper, glass (white, brown, green) and then practically dumpster diving to get it into the recycling bin at the market. Not sure yet where the metal cans are supposed to go).
  14. BBQ: Rudy’s, Spring Creek BBQ, Dickies… the best! (Replacement: friends in the US military that have Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Yummy!)
  15. My Suburban: I miss the roominess of my gigantic American gas guzzling comfortable car. (Replacement: cute, adorable convertible mini that is fun and very gas friendly.)Ok, I’m out. I’m sure the list is a lot longer and I will add to this as things come to mind. We all come from amazing countries that are so familiar to us. Life living abroad is wonderful, just some days this American Girl could really use a glass of wine while getting her nails done.

Lisa Jochim

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