Volunteering for fun at ‘Carnaval’?

During the past/last four months, I have spent every Friday morning with the residents of Vitalis Vonderhof.[nbsp] I honestly think that this is the best way to enjoy a morning walk in to the city, shopping and coffee.[nbsp] (Vitalis Vonderhof is a permanent care and day care centre for people of all ages who need extra care.)[nbsp] So, when I heard that my friends from Vonderhof were going to Carnaval, all my doubts about my company disappeared in the moment.[nbsp][nbsp]

On the day of Carnaval I was really surprised in a good way, of course. It was my first Carnaval and everything was new for me. I didn’t even think citizens take this event so seriously![nbsp] And I also didn’t expect there would be so many volunteers willing to help the residents of Vitalis Vonderhof. However, Fleur Kaldenberg (Stadsmanager from EindhovenCares) did a great job! For a few volunteers it was their first walk with senior people in the wheelchairs. That is why Tanja Weijts[nbsp] (activity coordinator of Vitalis Vonderhof)[nbsp] did an opening speech and talked about Vonderhof’s residents, explaining the key points and answering volunteer’s questions. She helped volunteers get to know each other and at the end of the activity we all felt like old friends. Even carnival outfits and hot drinks were provided to not look out of place and to survive the cold. We watched the Carnaval shows, sang songs and even danced! I can say with confidence that it was one of the best activities with the residents of Vitalis Vonderhof. Of course, in case you just like to drink beer and have a party with friends this is not for you. If you like meet new people, have fun, help people with disabilities, give them a good memory and time ánd spent your Carnival in great company you definitely should join the team from Vonderhof next year! You can also find many activities suitable for foreigners on the www.eindhovencares.nl . There are a lot of people who really need help. You can do nothing or you can join at least one activity and try it. I promise you will like it! Text and pictures: Nadya

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