Going Out with MeetUp!

When expats first arrive in Eindhoven it often proves difficult to create a satisfactory social life.

Obviously, most have left family and friends behind and they’re looking to build a new circle of friends and acquaintances in an unaccustomed situation. There are several organisations catering to this demand, and one of the best known is MeetUp. MeetUp Eindhoven hold get-togethers every Friday evening, when the group alternately goes out for a meal or a drink. Membership is free.

Lin Pinder is currently running the organization. Lin, a native of Scotland was confronted with the same problems as most people when they arrive in a strange city.[nbsp] “When my husband and I first came to Eindhoven we found it very difficult to make friends – English speaking people – especially in my case, because I didn’t work,” she says. “By surfing on the internet I found two expat sites that seemed to be what I was looking for; MeetUp and MeetIn. Due to unforeseen circumstances I soon found myself running both organisations.” Eventually Lin decided to concentrate her efforts on the MeetUp concept, and the group currently has around 30 active members. MeetUp is an ideal way to get in contact with people that have similar interests, and to make the most of what Eindhoven and the surrounding area has to offer. That could be through a visit to a film, a trip to an exhibition, or a game of midgit-golf; under the guidance of Lin and her supporting team most ideas can be realised. Nationality, colour, age, faith and gender obviously play no role; everyone’s welcome at MeetUp.

A potential member could be a student, the new partner of a Dutch national, someone working[nbsp]temporarily[nbsp]in Eindhoven, or perhaps even a teacher at the Technical University (coincidentally the group currently includes two professors!). If you’re interested you can find out more, and sign up, at the MeetUp Eindhoven website: http://www.meetup.com/EindhovenExpats Lin and her husband have also started the site http://www.eindhovenexpats.com which contains useful information for those thinking of moving to Eindhoven.

by Geoff Naylor

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