Brabant politicians want shale gas free province

The Provinciale Staten (Provincial parliament) decided to ban shale gas drillings in Brabant.

Friday, a motion from political parties CDA, SP, PvdA, GL and D66 was approved. The parties 50PLUS and Partij voor de Dieren also support the motion. There are discussions about possible drillings in many Brabant municipalities. In Eindhoven, the city council is debating it as well. Several drilling sites have been planned in the city, according to GroenLinks.

The Council of Ministers recently postponed shale gas drilling. In Boxtel, many residents protested because of the planned extraction. Opposition from environmental organisations to shale gas extraction is fierce.

The gas is trapped in dense shale beds deep underground. Drilling is controversial because of the risk of pollution. It may also contaminate drinking water.

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