‘Alternative event for Cultural Capital’

Alderman Schreurs thinks there should be an alternative to the Cultural Capital 2018.

Everything has been done in order to win the Cultural Capital title, but now that there is not going to be a party, Eindhoven should create its own cultural event, together with four Brabant cities, says Schreurs.

The alternative could be an event that would be held in a different Brabant city every year, but could also be an event organized at Strijp S, which is dedicated to art and technology. The ideas that were born around the Cultural Capital nomination could then still be realized.

Schreurs thinks that a large part of Eindhoven’s budget that was going to be allocated to Eindhoven Cultural Capital could then be used for this new event.

Eindhoven missed out on the title last Friday. The jury appointed Leeuwarden as Cultural Capital of 2018.

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