TU/e: 9% more registrations than nationwide

The number of students that has registered at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven is notably higher than the nationwide average.

The average increase at universities throughout the country is 7%, but in Eindhoven the number of first-year students has risen by 16%.The nationwide trend is partly due to the new loan system, according to student dean Lex Lemmens. Apart from that, high school students prefer to go to university directly, instead of taking a year off.The obvious increase in Eindhoven is mostly due to the recent reforms in bachelor education. Since last year, Eindhoven has a Bachelor College. This college is not so much about supply and demand anymore. It is more about giving students more space to compose their curriculum, which gives them a better opportunity to direct their future.The increase of the number of girls enrolling into a technical education, is also carrying through; 264 this year against 238 last year.The new students are starting their introduction week next Monday. Classes start the week after that.

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