‘Increase in theft of second-hand clothing’

According to Humana, there’s been an increase in the theft of second-hand clothes in recent months. Humana has collection bins throughout the city, where people can donate clothing for charity.

Director Marc Vooges of Humana, claims that there were at least three thefts recently. Once, three men were caught in the act, after one of them had crawled into a bin in Tongelre. It also happens that people who want to donate clothes are being met at the collection bins, where others offer them to put the clothes in the bin. After that the clothes disappear into the back of a van.At a third occasion, clothes had been stolen at the Kastelenplein. After tips of witnesses, a search led to the residence of a man who had 2000 kilos of clothing in his home.According to Humana, the offenders are always groups of East-Europeans. Damages are estimated at around 60,000 euros. Second-hand clothing is popular because the value is increasing rapidly.Humana has about 40 collections bin in Eindhoven.

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