Less money from Government for the Culture Capital

Eindhoven will receive 7.5 million euro of the government when the city and the province of Brabant will be chosen as European Capital of Culture (Culturele Hoofdstad) in 2018.

This amount is much lower than the expected 20 million where Eindhoven, according to its bid book, has counted on. Of the promised millions, the Ministry of Culture contributes 5 million. The remaining 2.5 million euro comes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
According to the organization Brabant2018, the total budget of 140 million euro remains the same. The hole that is caused by the lower state contribution should be filled by sponsor revenue.
Maastricht and Leeuwarden are also still in the race. Those two cities also counted on a larger state contribution, respectively 8.5 million and 10 million euro. Early September this year we will know who will be European Capital of Culture in 2018.

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