25,000 euros already collected for ‘Faber goes USA’

As much as 25,000 euros has already been collected to send three-year-old Faber of Eindhoven to America. The little boy is seriously ill and needs to be treated in Philadelphia.

To raise the money, his father and mother have set up the Stichting Faber goes USA. Faber has neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer, which has produced tumours in his neck and abdomen. Children with this severe form of neuroblastoma have a 20-50% chance of recovery. The treatment in America is extremely arduous, but has the potential to increase Faber’s chance of recovery by 30%.This immunotherapy administered in Philadelphia will be largely reimbursed by the family’s insurance company, but the insurance will not cover the cost of the journey, accommodation or living expenses for the rest of the family.They need a total of 50,000 euros. To collect such a sum, the foundation is organizing all sorts of activities such as a party night, a race in which family members will take part and a benefit afternoon. Faber’s friend Jasper is helping too. De 8-jarige Jasper is seriously ill too. He has a brain tumour that cannot be treated. Nonetheless, Jasper is trying to sell bracelets and collect empty bottles to make money for Faber. He is hoping to be able to contribute 1000 euros in this way.

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