Wanted: real estate magnate for 61 homes

Eindhoven wants to make money fast and is therefore putting 61 properties for sale. The takings will go directly to the community. Anyone interested in only one house won’t have any luck, because all 61 houses are going to be sold as a package to one buyer.

The houses are still owned by the community. 47 of the 61 houses are now being rented. The houses are spread across Eindhoven. The houses are from small houses in the city to detached farms in the countryside. On the website of the city you will find a sales list. http://www.eindhoven.nl/inwonersplein/bouwen-wonen/kopen.htm To view all the details, you have to register. After which the information will be provided. An inside look into one or more homes is not possible. Bidding starts June 7th and on July 5th the 61 house keys will already be handed over to the buyers. Source: http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/zakelijk/artikel/2773948

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