Eindhoven resident appears in court due to participation in deadly street race Bree

An Eindhoven and Belgian resident, who were involved in the deadly street race in the Belgian Bree last year, remain in custody and must appear in court. This was decided in the judge’s chambers in Tongeren, where the two appeared on Tuesday.

The Eindhoven and Belgian resident have been in custody since the end of last year. They are in custody because of their participation in the street race, whereby two Belgian residents died. When they will appear in court is not yet known. They are still able to file an appeal against the chambers decision in Tongeren. There were two Eindhoven and three Belgian residents involved in the race. The other Eindhoven resident was not extradited to Belgium. The deadly accident occurred late November 2012, just across the border near Budel Dorplein. The Porsche Cayenne belonging to a Belgian driver and the Mercedes belonging to the Eindhoven residents, drove at high speed on the ‘Red Kruislaan’ in Bree. The two Eindhoven and three Belgian residents in the other car are believed to have quarrelled at the Disco ‘Diamonds’ in Molenbeersel. At a roundabout are where things went wrong and the cars rammed into each other at a velocity of about one hundred kilometres per hour at this raised roundabout. The two Eindhoven residents, 26 and 27 of age, were seriously injured. Two of the three Belgian residents occupying the Porsche, two men from Antwerp, were killed. The driver, a cousin of the two, was arrested. An amount of 40,000 euros was found in his car. Source: Omroep Brabant

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