Lack of student homes

Eindhoven needs more student homes. It should therefore be made easier to rent out a house as student accommodation, according to political party VVD.

If a house owner now wants to convert his property into a student home, he has to pay a large sum to get a permit. Also, student accommodation is not allowed in every residential area in Eindhoven. VVD says that city council should be much more flexible about giving out permits. Should a house owner or students then cause trouble, the VVD party states that it should also be made easier for the council to intervene.
To avoid a shortage of student accommodation, city council has reached agreements with educational institutions and housing corporations earlier this year. In the next ten years, the city of Eindhoven will build additional student homes to house 1500 students. This mostly concerns new developments.
In two weeks, city council will debate VVD’s plans in one of their council meetings.

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