1 582 vehicles stolen in 2012

EINDHOVEN – 595 cars, 178 commercial vehicles, 75 motorcycles, 60 trailers, 5 semi-trailers and as many as 668 mopeds were stolen in the police region of Brabant-Southeast in 2012. These figures were presented by the National Information centre for automotive crime. In total, 1 582 vehicles were stolen.

Compared to previous years –up till 1995-, the number of vehicle thefts has almost halved, but only one-third of the vehicles were recovered. Only a fraction of the stolen mopeds were recovered, approximately one-eighth.The most popular car remains the Volkswagen Golf, followed by the Volkswagen Polo and the Mercedes E-class. Most stolen cars are 1 year old or more than 20 years old.http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/112/artikel/2614726/1582

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