: KPN Marathon Ice-skating Cup on Saturday 12 January

EINDHOVEN – On Saturday 12 January, the KPN Marathon Ice-Skating Cup will take place in the ‘IJssportcentrum’ (Ice Sports Centre) Eindhoven.

This is the Dutch League in marathon ice-skating. In the Genneper Parks, the ice-skaters will be fighting for the scores in the 14th game of the season, called the FEMTEC Eindhoven Ice-skating Marathon. The Marathon Cup is an annual event in which weekly competitions are held in several towns in the Netherlands between October and January. The national circuit of marathon skaters has got quite some participants with roots in our southern provinces. For example Chrispijn Ariëns from Boxtel (he now lives in Heerenveen), Ruud Aerts from Riel and of course the Marathon Skating Team Brabant.Program on January 12: Saturday at 17.15 hrs: Ladies Top (40 laps) Tickets cost € 8.00 and are available at the counter of the ‘IJssportcentrum’ Eindhoven. For more info: http://www.ijssportcentrum.nl/nieuws/kpn-marathon-cup-op-zaterdag-12-januari.html

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