A quiet New Year’s Eve in and around Eindhoven; nevertheless, several fires and some destruction reported

BRABANT – During New Year’s Eve, several fires and some destruction has been reported in Brabant. The emergency services declared that no major problems happened that night. The non-stop rain probably played an important part.

Several incidents were reported:
Heeze train station damaged by heavy fireworksThe Heeze station was damaged by heavy fireworks towards the end of the afternoon Monday. Dozens of windows of a pedestrian underpass were shattered by the firework bomb, according to the police. Trains were not allowed to stop for thirty minutes and were only allowed to pass at low speed afterwards because the rails needed to be cleared up from broken glass, says a spokesperson from railway company ProRaill. Huge firework bomb causes blaze in BudelBUDEL – A group of youngsters caused a huge cloud of smoke in Budel after they had firework bomb explode. This happened at a football field on New Year´s Eve.The firework bomb explosion was recorded on camera and transmitted to the website GeenStijl (lacking manners), who reported it on Tuesday.The video shows a boy running away after lighting the self-made bomb. First, there is a small flame and some smoke, then the firework bomb explodes and a huge blaze appears. A black cloud of smoke started rising and must have been visible in the vicinity.It is a miracle no serious accidents happened here.

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