New Expat Meetup Center

EINDHOVEN – The old and desolate Meulen-Ansems Ford garage, has been a hive of activity until the early hours of the morning over the past few weeks.

The garage sale held last weekend was the first official use of the space. The garage was temporarily transformed for the different activities last weekend, which included a flea market, a music podium, food stands and a stand-up comedian. The goal of the event was to raise money to turn the building into a meeting place for the international community in Eindhoven. The building is on loan from the local council for the “Hub Eindhoven for Expats”. There are events being held all over the city at the moment, but the intention is to use this as the central location in the future after renovation has taken place. According to Joost van Dijck, the founder of the ‘Hub’, Meetup Center 365 will be a place where people can become a member of the society for a minimal fee and in this way have access to the programs. “We can work on integration because Dutch locals are also invited to join. We need the income to reach the target. A society sounds exclusive, but the intention is to make it a lively and attractive place where everyone is welcome to participate in activities or just to visit”. Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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