Pickpockets in Gestel and the center of Eindhoven

EINDHOVEN – The number of pickpocketing incidents has increased considerably in the center of Eindhoven over the first seven month of this year. This is a 60 percent increase compared to the same time period last year.
In 2011, 256 incidents were reported; at the end of July this year that number was already up to 401. In the Gestel district the number doubled from eight to seventeen.

City hall and the police of Eindhoven try to inform the public of the pickpocket risk.This was reported by the mayor and aldermen after they received questions from Ouderen Appèl Eindhoven (local seniors’ political party). The district of Stratum is affected by regular street robberies, according to councilor Dré Rennenberg. The mayor and aldermen deny there is ‘a special situation’. Source: Omroep Brabant

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