Good opening weekend for Park Hilaria

Sunday, 5 August 2012
EINDHOVEN – Park Hilaria in Eindhoven has had a good opening weekend. Everything goes according to plan with a number of visitors between 100,000 and 150,000 after three days,

according to Marieke Berkvens, project manager of Einhoven365, better known as ‘fair master’ among fair operators. These numbers are similar to the ones recorded during opening weekends at previous editions. It has been smooth sailing those first few days, the police confirm. Eindhoven had a first in hosting top attraction Turbine, but visitors were only allowed in after 4pm on Saturday. Since it is a new machine, the manufacturer came to Eindhoven to assist operator J.J. de Voer and his team in setting up the ride. In doing so, several technical problems arose that had to be addressed. “It was a safety issue”, says Berkvens. “It is a sensational story in the end: taking 20 people per ride at70 meters (230 feet) high. It has to be safe.” The delay was a disappointment to many visitors, as reactions in the social media show. ‘I’d love to get on this ride’, writes a visitor. Another one states: ‘This is the main reason I am buying a ticket from Venlo to Eindhoven’. The Turbine has been operating safely and it is fully occupied at almost every ride. Also the XLR8 and the Air are popular attractions for thrill seekers.
Park Hiliaria is still going on until the 12 of August.

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