Van Gogh and MacDonald’s fries

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GEMERT – Seventh graders from the Commanderij College in Gemert have recreated  Vincent van Gogh’s  masterpiece “The Potato Eaters” with a contemporary touch.

One of the changes they made was to swap the potatoes in the original painting with  French fries from McDonald’s.The students’ assignment was to transcribe a piece of  historical cultural heritage into the present. The potatoes on the table were changed into French fries from McDonald’s. The grandfather of one of the students made a true likeness of the clock and a grandmother  crocheted a special bridge cloth.During art history class and a photography workshop the students chose a famous painting that they would like to recreate. The Monet’s work “Dancing Ballerinas” was also imitated and the artist Inez van Lamsweerde inspired two first year students to copy her photography.OB


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