Small chance that kindergarteners were infected by drugs syringe

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EINDHOVEN – Two five year olds playing outside pricked themselves with a drugs syringe they found on a field in the Tongelre area of Eindhoven. Peter van Rijsbergen of the addiction clinic Novadic Kentron reported this on Tuesday.  According to him the syringe came from the shelter nearby. Novadic Kentron will control the area more frequently.

The incident took place on Wednesday. The two boys had blood samples taken to see if they were infected with HIV or with  hepatitis.“It was labeled insulin but the syringe was so small that it could also be used by a drugs user” , said the mother of one of the children. After the incident she and the children  immediately went to Novadic Kentron.Employees of Novadic Kentron will be controlling the area more frequently in the coming months.  “Every week we go outside at least three times to keep the area clean”, said Van Rijsbergen. “We rarely find syringes. Nevermind that children are pricked by one. I have never experienced that.”According to a specialist for infectious diseases, Ronald ter Schegget of the GGD  Brabant-Southeast,  the chance that the children were infected is very, very small, but still large enough to warrant extra measures being taken. It takes three to six months before it is clear whether an infection has occurred.OB


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